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Thread: Major storage failure on Astraweb?

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    90% of files posted within last 5-6 hours are now incomplete.
    They were just fine not so long ago and now it looks really scary

    PS european server.
    It seems to be OK on US server but its slow as a turtle
    Also what was posted via AW and is fucked up now can be downloaded via giganews without no problems.. as well as using US astraweb server as ive already mentioned


    Some efnet stuff.. posted 13 min ago

    , Euro servers:
    Parts checked: 1707
    Undownloadable parts: 33
    1,93% of the data can't be downloaded!

    US servers:
    Parts checked: 1707
    Undownloadable parts: 0
    All OK!

    Also the connections to euro servers are screwed up.. i mean ure connected but nothing is downloaded at some point.. articles just wait in the queue.
    Its OK on US servers
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    Over the last 48 hrs have posted well over 70GBytes through Astra/US, with 100% completion to both the server and propagated to Astra/EU (100%), Giga/US+EU (100%), BlocknewsUS/EU (100%), and with only very minor (typical) of usenet-news/US+EU 'skips' (<.0001%).

    Sooooo....and, I might add, Zero slowdowns on either AstraUS/EU as well (in fact, although my path to AstraEU goes 'submarine' fiber, it's gotten much improved over the last few weeks from North America). I'd be looking at my path to those servers from your location.

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    be my guest

    i mean very recent uploads.And its posted OK. im talking about getting it. u can download it via giganews\US AW server just fine..
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    It might be newsgroup specific, but I don't believe any 'modern' usenet server s/w puts groups on different drives/partitions (by 'modern', I mean anything in the past 15+ years).

    All I can say is, I don't see any problems whatsoever in the (rather heavily trafficked) group(s) I'm dealing with.

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    Well u didnt try it i suppose judging by your vague answer lol

    Other people saw incompletes everywhere too
    'm seeing "incompletes" everywhere, the headers are there, but when it goes to fetch the part it gets a 430
    I just love how some people will do everything to protect AW =) Usually they say that its YOUR ISP, its Santa Claus, jesus, flying macaronni monsster but not AW, their servers,their network or whatever

    I was right back then(supported by AW's employee answer on the problem) when i was talking about upload processing issues and u was telling it was OK
    and im right now

    Anyways it is fixed now.. so the topic can be closed

    There might be a minor network congestion which lasted for a while and it seems to have fixed itself.
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