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    I got a problem with TVtool 9.0.

    TVtool crashes every 10-15 min. and says something about user data problems I guess it's has something too do with the registration. if anyone know what too do pleas respond to this or pm me whit a valid key

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    No one?


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    it prolly does have something to do with tvtool key, my friend says he has it and it only works for 15min cuz he dont have a key

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    Go back to 8 and then get a crack for it.

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    Gawd don't anyone use emule ????
    search tvtool and you will find -

    ----- tvtool how to crack.doc

    "yeah i tell everyone each release, still get the "why does it stop after 15 mins ?" (shadow1999 originally worked this routine out)
    Do this (some say it works, some dont, worked for me.. make a backup of the registry if you dont know what your doing before you do this):
    1. Open the Registry (regedit)
    2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Control \
    3. Delete the first key (usually numbers and characters)
    You should also check:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Services \{417542fg-65DE-2356-817F-C3246HK89DBF} (the numbers may differ but similar)
    this key should be deleted, too (it's the version 6.5 copy protection)
    then click "Unbad guy me" in the keygen.
    then tatoo this information into your forehead"

    ----- tvtool instructions for time fix.doc

    "The TvTool problem: Solution
    Ok guys, because some of you have still problems with TvTool I think it's a good idea to post the solution again...

    1. TvTool phones home, so make sure that you run a firewall when you're connectet to the internet.

    2. Register TvTool again (don't run the KeyGen in the background).

    3. Close TvTool.

    4. START -> Run -> enter "regedit"

    5. Find following key:


    (last numbers can be different on your system)

    6. Delete this key.

    7. Start TvTool again...

    This works for many people, so I hope it works for you too. Thanx for lamer_de for finding this... "

    P.S. i used the tvtool instructions for time fix
    & it works perfectly!
    in services i had 4 entries at the top - of { too many numbers}
    i deleted them ALL , looks like my 4 installs of it! , no problems thereafter!

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    maybe your system is not fast enough for the software+hardware. try closing other programs or upgrade your ram.


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