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Thread: Article: Windows 7 SP1 will be released in July

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    Funny considering it's already RTM and is released to OEM Manufactures and is all over the interent.

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    Will it be the same as the july release? Why would they wait so long? I like having a up to date disc so I don't have to mess with all the updates every time I reformat a computer. I have a stamped retail disc and I'm hesitant to switch over to something posted on the net ...
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    Not much of a big deal , took me two tries to install tho . I have slipstreamed in a Win7 64 bit for later .

    Installed just to see if it frubared my genuine or added a Hotfix like KB971033 .I did n't see one but they probably renamed it , the basterds .
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    it showed up as an update this morning. don't know if i feel like messing with it at this time though. July....liars..


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