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Thread: Article: High Prices and Lack of Games - Main Reasons People Do Not Choose Apple Maci

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    Apparently, the company simply does not want to give its customers any choice of hardware so to minimize its costs and maximize profitability.

    they dont want to give you any choice. apple locks down everything. not only the lack of games but my fav apps. any doing that virtual app shit is just a work around.
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    What stops you from transiting from Windows PC to Apple Macintosh?" - Apple Macintosh.

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    Microsoft has long been portrayed as the evil rich monopoly. While that may be true somewhat I would rather have them in charge than apple.

    Now a lot of people use a ipad or iphone instead of a pc. Hopefully android can take on apple in this area even though the itouch/pad is vastly better than most of the android hardware I have tried.
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    Apple could easily even the score if they ever opened up there OS to run on any PC. I can't see how Apple says a closed system is better then an open one. I guess it gives them a reason to say Windows and other OS's are unstable or unreliable, which is just complete bunk in the first place. They just like making you pay a high price for a system you could get on the PC side for half if not less, yes there computers are more 'sleek' looking but who cares I'm not gonna pay double just for a nice case.

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    IBM was the one that opened up everything back before the 8088 chip. To this day I still don't understand why Apple keeps its systems closed. Is Apple a great OS? ya I think so (I'm a pc man myself) but why a closed system?

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    Some things remain the same , been saying this for over 20 years , why buy an Apple , Dude ?


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