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Thread: norseedbox possibly dodgy

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    I have no evidence at all, just suspicions based on:
    1. Other people having bad experience with them
    2. The plans they sell make 0 sense

    More below:
    They are using OVH spain ( or -> can't be 100Mbit all to self, as even a c05g (which has 3TB limit) costs more than 31USD. Might be using the sp mini and splitting with 3.

    The 10Gbit is lol as well, if its shared with 4, and only $50 per month, that is $200 income, not even enough to buy the cheapest 10Gbit, which costs $400USD + vat (another 100USD). More likely they have something like 14 ( ~=6TB).

    Anyway, given he is probably just a scammer (either in terms of getting the servers, or not delivering to customers), no worries.

    Just google norseedbox for 'proof'.

    PS, actually this sounds so much like Dhruv, even his typing and how he tries to weasel out of things is similar XD

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    Didn't even bother to change the default whmcs portal theme. In fact, even that's not setup correctly. I see domain registration four times.


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