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Thread: Issue with nzbmatrix

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    So this doesn't really make sense. I have been getting issue using nzbmatrix. Sab will act like its downloading but will have errors.

    The errors tell me that the files have been removed. But then i grabbed the nzb off and its fine. For the same movie.


    Is there an issue with nzb's from this site. I've never really had this issue much. But I really just started using nzbmatrix.

    Are they just bad at keeping up on their nzb's? How does this even happen though if the files are still there?

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    obey the duck
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    The one at matrix was posted 745 days ago, the other one 28 days ago.

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    Oh lol is that what it was. Didn't catch that. But I still feel like I get weird errors only at nzbmatrix. Maybe they just have older nzb's then other sites I use.


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