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    Hi, I have been using SABnzbd+ for some time and worked perfectly till now. Today Sabnzdb had a serious crash and it couldn't startup and i had to delete the .ini file. After I did that all my downloads were gone and it couldn't load the .sab(bookmarks etc) files.

    I tried to download the same nzb but it is not recognizing the downloaded files and it is downloading the whole thing again. Is there a way around this?


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    Note: SABnzbd will not automatically resume downloading. You have to make diskspace available AND resume SABnzbd manually.
    Also says...

    An NZB died halfway through downloading. Do I really have to re-download all 600 gigs?

    No, but you also can't have SABnzbd "resume" an NZB like you would be able to with a torrent. Instead, find your incomplete or failed folder for the job you want to resume. Use a tool like QuickPAR to manually verify what files you have and make a note of them. Then pause your queue and re-download the NZB that failed. While the queue is paused, click the name of the NZB to edit what files will be downloaded. Select everything you were able to verify and click delete. Return to your queue, set post-processing on this NZB to "blank" (so it just downloads) and unpause it.

    Once this new NZB finishes, merge the contents of the two directories and re-run QuickPAR to verify the rar set. If everything passes, unrar it manually with your tool of choice.

    Streamlining this process is a long-term goal of SABnzbd which we have yet to address due to the complexity involved.
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