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Thread: Just A Friendly Reminder

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    Best Tips Here has been updated and has many detailed tips relating to KL++ and Windows (some).

    This version has ALL the tips into three posts and in sequential order of the Index (for the purpose of organized reading)

    This version is the original. It's not sequential, yet has an Index too. You can also refer to each post's link if you choose so

    If you notice, many new users or even members can benifit of this and please, feel free to add more. TIP GUIDES ONLY PLEASE.

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    will any of those tips solve my problem ?

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    i dont think any1 or thing can help u with ur problems

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    Originally posted by shinzuiski@9 November 2003 - 00:15
    will any of those tips solve my problem ?
    These tips are not to resolve problems. more so, to provide a different approach to the individual's case with a program that was either designed with mistakes from the programmer(s) and/or was not designed to meet every user's needs/pc environment.

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    Great work Nikita - I quite often point people in your tips section

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    cool, thanks nikita for the heads up on your thread
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