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    i downloaded napster and i was pleased to find no ad/spyware anywhere......
    but thats where the good news ends!
    first of all it looks and acts like some kind of realplayer.
    secondly, they make you pay .99 a song and only let you stream music for 30 secs.
    its not even a file sharing program any more.... its a file buying program!
    what happened to the napster i remember... created by a guy sick of having to buy music.
    so i bought a couple songs anyways and the sound quality of both the songs i downloaded were horrible with 25% integrity
    no resources for software or documents etc.
    if u wanna buy ur music on the net use apples' thingy

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    to hell with napster we can our mp3 files for free including albums from numerous places including mIRC, BT, shareaza and eMule....and K-lite but i find mp3's from k-lite too corrupted with the infamous screeching noise


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