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Thread: Hotmail introduces throwaway email addresses

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    yea, isnt this wait hotmail is for anyway? i never use it for any real email.

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    yep, garbage mail. They tend to disable accounts for inactivity way too quickly. 2-3 weeks away in a place without Internet connection and bam account disabled and emails lost...

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    Hotmail blows like the slutty wind

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    A lot of Hotmail haters here lol. My Hotmail addy has been my 1st created, it's not my only but it still is my main account

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    I've had my Hotmail account for over ten years at first it was usable but now it just gets spammed. I only use it now for sites that I know I'm going to get spam from or the site is questionable. I also don't trust them for privacy and keeping my email safe. Years ago I was with Bhell they use Microsoft to manage their email and one day I login to find almost 2 years of emails gone and they blamed me saying I deleted them.

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    Take that right in the pooper hotmail!!

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    MS is going down.


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