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Thread: Limiting Uploads With Shadows

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    im using shadows bittorent client. My cable dls at an average of about 85kps, about 60 of that goes to uploads. How do I make this lower? I'm not planning on leeching I just want to make the upload rate a little more reasonable. Ive heard that the upload rate is propotional to the upload rate, so i dont think picking the dial up setting would work.
    BTW- I even lowered my upload rate bar to 8kbps and its still taking 80% of my my bandwidth.

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    U can't just take what u get.

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    Set Shadow's experimental BitTorrent to low-end broadband and lower the upload value to about 30-50 KB/sec and see if that helps.

    You do have the latest version of Shadow's BT, right?


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