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Thread: Worldwide Press Freedom Index

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    Although I have not heard of this organization, I read they way they rank and found the results very interesting. I'm not surprised by the US tho, even on the domestic front that's a low number.

    This year, the second:

    Last year, the first:

    where does ur country fall and what do u think?

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    UK actually did better than i expected, considering we do not have a Freedom of Information Act.

    The press is silenced in Court cases (naming of people involved) at times and anything that can be classed as "Classified" is a no go.... and the USA, as an example, has a much more Liberal attitude as to what is "Classified" than our own Government (although, to be fair, this is slowly improving)

    As is shown at the moment, the rest of the world can read rumours and allegations about our Royals and we cant.....if they decide to fight

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