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    Hey all,

    If you want a chance or win a free seedbox (this month we are giving awawy 5 slots) or any of the content that is released on IPT / TVTorrents daily then signup with us.

    We have only been up for littler over 2-3 weeks and already have a vast amounts of daily releases to rival any big sites, along with friendly staff, and of course MONTHLY 1 GBPS seedbox giveaways!
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    advertising prohibited mate.

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    hey m8 i got your sysop on the net and the site is down for good and you guys ran off with people money if i need to have the sysop knockknock sing up here i will please stay away from this guy he is a rip off ( just one week ago you took someone money for a 50 gig seedbox then closed the site) all this comes from there sysop knockknock


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