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Thread: Modded PS3 vs. Modded Xbox 360

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    Obviously the PS3 Scene is in it's infancy compared to the 360 Scene.
    And without going into a debate, looks like it over before it began.

    But, I'm thinking about getting a 360 for online play or another PS3 for online play.
    And keeping my current PS3 modded as is.

    But, I'm thinking about just keeping my PS3 for online play and switching over to a modded 360.
    Yet, is the process as simple as the PS3.

    Like comparing the PS3 to 360 is it possible to simply upgrade the hard drive to whatever size you want.
    Pop a game in the system, rip the game using the system (Multiman in terms of PS3), and play from the internal hard drive.

    I'm just guessing that it isn't as easy as that, because I see people seperating games that work for JTAG? (whatever that is) to doesn't work for JTAG....

    Thanks in Advance

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    So basically from my understanding...the pros and cons are....doesn't seem there are any pros concerning the xbox but... (from what I found out, if anyone's wondering)

    PS3 CFW Advantages:
    - No taking apart
    - Ripping games to HDD
    - Any 2.5" SATA drive will work
    - Emulators

    Xbox360 JTAG
    - Disassembly
    - Rip games to hard drive as well as play from DVD-R (JTAG for playing games off Hard drive and I think you have to Flash the DVD-ROM to play from DVD-R as well)
    - Bans
    - Extremely limited on which Xbox360s can do this
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