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Thread: Origin Laptop - Core i7-990X - 4.6GHz

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    According to Engadget:

    "These days it's less about the megahertz and more about the cores, but custom PC maker Origin isn't leaving either benchmark untouched. It's taken the as-yet-unannounced six-core, 3.46GHz Intel Core i7-990X processor and pushed it up to 4.6GHz -- a full 200 hertz more than the company's previous hotness, a 4.4GHZ Core i7-980X. The 990X is now available in the company's desktops as well as the EON-17 laptop -- which is honestly pushing the boundaries of lapablity. Think you can do better than that -- say, with a little LN2? You'll find the Core i7-990X at the likes of Mwave and Newegg for what we're sure is a perfectly reasonable $1,050 right now."

    EDIT1: And a 600W power supply. So much for the battery life.
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    Normally I'm all like fuck yeah more powar! when it comes to hardware, but I never got the point of cramming that much into a laptop.

    It'll have to be run in some kind of power saving mode like all the time when you're on the go, and in my thinking, if you're at home, you ought to be using a proper stationary computer anyhow.

    An i5 + a Radeon 6550 or something and you've got a good compromise for power vs battery life.

    It's probably this link you want, btw.
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