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Thread: is 4 MB enough to close a DVD-R?

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    Is it guys? I'm trying to burn this bunch of stuff to a DVD-R
    and it turns out I can almost fit it all in one disc,
    it says there is 4.3 MB remaining space,
    so is that enough to close the disc, or do you think the burn might fail?
    thank you.

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    Why not try it and tell us.

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    Your burner should know better, if it allows you to burn without any warning it must be pretty safe. Ofcourse this depends on your burning software not being a piece of shit.
    Try simulate and burn

    edit; I think it would be enough,
    blank disks are cheap , just try it out as detale said
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    I actually find that disc space can vary slightly based on different kinds of blanks. The brand of disc, or the format (-R, +R etc) can be a factor. It's usually only a very slight difference, but it's something I've noticed over the years.


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