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Thread: Would you listen to music in a language you didn't understand?

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    no i don t

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    Yes - roughly 90% of the music I listen to is of carribean origin. Reggae, dancehall, ragga etc. and depending on the artist/tempo it can be extremely difficult to understand what is actually being said owing to the fact that my patois is distinctly below par... if you can be arsed have a listen to Bounty Killer's 'No Interview'; it's hands-down my favourite song but I could probably only list about 10 words that I'm sure of.
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    Understand English for listing English songs.

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    if its good then ofcourse i would

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    Not realy. I prefer songs that i undestand.

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    If the melody is fantastic,i will listen to the music in a language that i don't understand.

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    I would listen to music in a Language I don't understand as long as the music offers beautiful melody!

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    yep ofcourse most of the music i hear this days are in a language i do not understand "Turkish"

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    I never thought about this ever , but now i will try it.

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    yeah sometimes

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