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Thread: Would you listen to music in a language you didn't understand?

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    Half the songs that are supposed to be in English have indecipherable pronunciations.

    To answer your question, I don't really care what language a song is sung in or what message, if any, it contains. As long as it doesn't contain foul language all that matters is the tune and the quality of the singer's voice.
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    I guess you learn something every day because up until now I always thought music was written in notes.
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    Yes, I would like to listen if the music is good !

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    I listen indian (karunesh), arabic, vietnamese, bangla and greek music.

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    yeah man, I love psy-trance and drumnbass with who-knows-what language they go on with!

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    yes if it`s a good song if not why should i bother btw who likes this track ?

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    I hate not understanting the words

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorx View Post
    Cant, English, greek or nothing.
    +1. I could also battle out for some Pikey or Irish accented artist/bands too .
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    Quote Originally Posted by careertarget View Post
    well i like listening to french song... and also to chinese songs even though i don't understand them.
    I'm from China.Do you have any favorite Chinese singer?
    I listen to English songs a lot and franch songs sometimes.

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