So, the misses wants to cut the cord on cable, and get netflix. Well my only PS3 has CFW 3.55 on it, and I haven't been online since days of 3.41. But, to appease her, is it possible to connect my PS3 back to the internet, and click that netflix icon or use netflix, without compromising my CFW. I've heard of SONY pushing the 3.56 update without the user's consent, but this is all hearsay and paranoia.

I've also heard people using PlayOn, | PlayOn | Watch Hulu,,, Netflix, and more on your TV with PlayOn!, to get netflix without compromising their CFW. Just unsure about this one, since the PS3 is still connected to the internet.

Or should I just say fuck it, and this finally gives me a reason to get a 360 or another PS3 for online play. And if that's the case, now I got another issue, which one; another PS3 or a 360? Seeing how I mainly played online with the PS3 for MAG and SOCOM, which the 360 will never have, but she's already hopped on that Kinect bandwagon. (Using a 360 is cheaper as an excuse)

Sorry a lot of questions for one post...

Thanks in Advance