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Thread: Printers And Printing Large Documents

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    Ok so say youve dl an ebook and wanna print it, now u got like 350 pages to print, of course u can save it to rtf format and change a few things and knock off maybe a hundred pages and now youre left with about 250 pages to print. So what are the best settings to use that conserve the most ink yet is still maneagable to read??? I know u can switch the quality to "super economy", which of course makes the ink lighter therefore conserving ink (it is however somewhat difficult to read), is there really anything else you can do?? I mean just printing normal would use like 3 ink cartridges...btw im only using a Canon BJC - 2100SP, nothing spectacular, just normal...thx!

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    Your printer has separate cartridges for each color right ? You could always print each page in alternating colors...1 red, 1 black, 1 blue. That would make your ink last 3 times as long. That's the best I can do for you, sorry.

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    Take it to kinko's, prolly cheaper to do it there than at home.

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    thatd be cool cept im just talkin about printing like a novel...only using black and white, NO pictures, just to read. My color ink ran out while back and i never really use color cause its too expensive, but printing out novels with just black still uses a lot of ink, just under normal settings youd go through like 3 black ink can i adjust for best ink saving performances?

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    To be honest I dont have a printer myself. However I have seen some ink saving features bundled into the software that comes with some printers. Sorry I cant help anymore than that. Try having a look in your printers help files if there are any.

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    Well you can always save it on disc, and ask if you can use a friends printer to print the Novel.
    Do make sure he has a good supply of ink and he has plenty of cash to buy some more.

    Or you can print them little by little on different printers ask your pals to help you ot and do about 20 pages a piece works out evenly.


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