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    I have a installer inside a RAR but when i uncompress it, McAfee AV tells me that it has a virus called PATE.a, McAffee gives me the option to clean ot but when i "clean it", McAfee ruins the installer, is there a way to fix that, i tried to download the thing i have in the RAR again but i had no luck....

    Help pleaz...

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    sry to tell ya, but u should 4get about it..........

    the file is infected 2 da bone.......... c it as a huge tumor....... u can cut it away, but it will leave the person as a retard.........

    either find a new (healty and virus-free) file, or 4get bout it...........
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    correct storm, 4get about it, and change ur mcafee settings to the recommend option (usually- quarintine or remove).

    btw, anytimes u get a message of "virus" or "trojan" on a file ur downloading or from browsing a site, don't even try a second attempt. go further, block the site in ur hosts file (after investigating off course). rarely, if never, mcafee or nav cause false postive message or so called false alarm.


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