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Thread: Kimsufi Transfer

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    Hi, I am looking at getting a seedbox for a few months, and wish to keep cost to a minimum. I find the Kimsufi 100mbit dedi for 15euro pretty good:

    The problem is that I am from Australia and cannot purchase it. Is there anyone with an existing subscription that no longer wishes to renew? I prefer this as to avoid setup fee, and instead offer some of it as a 'thankyou' for the transfer.

    If not, then I'm also interested if you could purchase it on my behalf if that's possible.

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    There are heaps of resellers, the only problem is if you wanted a transfer you'd have to pay the setup but after that you could pay direct.

    You'll probably have more luck posting on ovh forum.

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    You can buy from from any location. You would still have to pay a setup fee, and it's limited to 3TB/mo. Only French citizens can purchase from You have to have access to a French phone # and VAT id to buy. sells the c250g kimsufi package for $35/mo which is a decent price, but your paying a markup. To be honest, you'll be lucky to find someone freely giving away a takeover their French kimsufi server. I see it from time to time, but usually there are 100x more people asking then offering.


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