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Thread: Cd Writer Problems

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    I got a brand new LG 51x24x52 CD writer installed. The problem is when you remove a disk from the drive( and insert a new one) in still show the directory from the previous disk.

    The only way to overcome this problem is to restart so that the CD drive can detect the new disk.

    Did anyone experienced this problem?

    OS XP Pro SP1
    Also Samsung DVD Rom Installed

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    I haven't, no.

    Have you tried clicking the refresh button in your toolbar?
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    Yes, only a restart solve the problem until a next time.

    I have not experienced the problem with my previous samsung cd writer

    Can the problem lie with the new hardware?

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    I really don't see how it could be the hardware's problem, I mean its showing a directory that's no longer in the drive. Seems like windows is just not refreshing.
    Have you tried this using a different file manager, maybe try changing discs in command line, see if it does the same thing there.
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