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Thread: open !!! stopped !!!

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    Signup URL:
    Stats: 16800+ members and 21000+ torrents

    PirateTorrents is one of the largest and oldest Swedish private trackers out there. stopped !!!
    Tracker with almost 22,000 torrents,40.000 users

    Swebits, one of Sweden’s largest BitTorrent communities, has ceased its activities with immediate effect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robogo25 View Post open !!!
    Already posted on the open signups thread...
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    Quote Originally Posted by robogo25 View Post stopped !!!
    And this is yesterday news
    vision and flawless are among the best scene rls groups

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    Quote Originally Posted by Di@monds View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by robogo25 View Post stopped !!!
    And this is yesterday news
    you are too fast to catch. I heard (saw) the news 4-5 hours back.
    Teh n00b.

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    1.838 new registered users a day away from the PirateTorrents!

    The solidarity PirateTorrents opened the register, the home was left without SweBits users.
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    Swebits had 35k users,so alot of people went to PT and those who had good ratio screens/profile links got invites to Sparvar
    SB will be missed,one of the largest tracker here in Sweden and on top with swedish content!

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    The void left behind a large SweBits

    TTI unfortunately, no registration is open!

    but there are other alternatives
    For example: PirateTorrents, Sparvar, Excellent


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