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    for years has been offering free nirvana bootleg downloads and now their wanadoo accounts which have been hosting the songs for years have been deleted. they went from around 50 complete bootlegs to about 7 overnight. this is a terrible loss. if anyone can donate webspace to help these guys out then send an e-mail to wayne

    We have a problem with our excisting wanadoo accounts. They were almost all deleted. That's why we would like you to donate the webspace that was provided with your internet account, they're the most reliable. Or if you got some space left on webspace you bought we would be very pleased with it (please don't send  geocities shit or other free providers they kick our stuff of within a day) mail then to Wayne

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    this SUCKS!!!!! i wish i can help....good luck guys!
    "If ya'll don't like me you can suck my dick 'till you numb it" - Eminem

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    that realy sucks ,but i can't help u


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