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Thread: Suggestions for a binary newsreader for pictures

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    For some time Im searching for a binary newsreader which is primarily good for pictures. I hope anyone can suggest me some good software.

    The program must be able to:
    • Open/preview an image when I click on the post
    • Specify destination folder upon download
    • Search in the current group, highlighting/filtering the results

    Pan does this, but Pan forgets the headers when I exit the program.

    Im on Linux, so it would be nice if it was open source, but I can run apps in Wine, so win32 apps are fine too.


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    Most newsreaders should be able to do most of those things. The "Specify destination folder upon download" feature is something I've seen in some, but I've found features like that can be annoying because it means having to make extra clicks all the time.

    If pictures are your interest, would you be interested in thumbnailing features? There are a few *pay* newsreaders (like Ozum) that offer thumbnailed images, so you can preview jpgs before downloading them. There are other newsreaders that download all pics in a group and then thumbnail them.

    There is a free Mac picture-oriented newsreader called NewsBeaver that has an interesting feature: it does not write anything to the hard drive.

    I think most people around here use newsgroups to download NZBs of movies and TV shows, so better place to ask about "old-school" picture-readers might be a porn-oriented forum, as the majority of pictures posted to usenet seem to be of that interest.


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