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Thread: TinySubs The First Real-Time Subtitles Search Engine

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    Tinysubs allows you to search the top 36 subtitles sources in real-time, and allows you to filter results in over 60 different languages.

    Tinysubs works fast and shows decent results. Their search engine works on a principle that all keywords in your query have to match. The idea behind this is that quality is more important than quantity.

    Check their site:

    It is quite powerful I must say.

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    Nice. I love the feature which matches latest scene releases with their subtitle db.

    It would be nice if you set your language "permanently" with a cookie, so that I wouldn't have to set it with the drop-down box every time manually. I wish they read this some day, CBA to email them.

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    ^ That's also a nice find. Thanks to the both of you.


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