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    is there any downloader server like

    seedbox = uploader

    i want highspeed donwloader like seedobox is only uploader but you need to use ftp tp download to your pc but its to slow depends on your Bandwith speed connection

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    Wait, let me get this straight. Your seedbox actually uploads fast, but the transfer speeds when you FTP the files from the box to your PC are slow?

    In that case: make sure your FTP server and client are well-configured, and try opening extra connections to transfer the files.
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    Yah get a better FTP client... one which can run simultaneous connections or threading.
    Personally, I use CrossFTP, but it ain't free.

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    The FTP transfers are limited by your home connection speed. Nothing you can buy or do will make it go faster (that's how I interpreted your question).

    Other than that, make sure you're using a decent ftpd, use segmented downloading if your client supports it, and try various encryption options to see if any of them work significantly better (at least try FTP, FTPS, FTPES and SFTP, which most clients support).
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    Regardless of the download speeds of any purchased server, the data will eventually have to go through your home connection before it reaches your PC. Therefore the only thing you can do to improve the download speeds to your PC is, like ca_aok mentioned, to get a better home connection.
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