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Thread: Can't connect...keeps saying "connecting"

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    downloaded Kazaa Lite K++v2.4.3 but can't get it to connect.
    I have Windows XP with a Comodo Firewall and AVG Antivirus System.
    I have turned both the firewall off and the anti-virus off to see if KLite would connect, but it still wouldn't. HELP PLEASE!!!!

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    Kazaa is dead. Dead, dead, dead, dead... dead.

    Well, it's not truly dead, but it is. Last time I tried to connect (using KCeasy with the giFT-FastTrack plugin) it took me six hours, and there was almost nothing going on there.
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    It never was 'alive'. Ever.

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    better switch to limewire...
    I couldn't finish that sentence in person without bursting into laughter


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