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Thread: Article: Judge allows Sony to see IPs of those visiting PS3 jailbreak site

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    Sony is going all out on this, and appeals courts will set some nice precedents for this to not be done again.

    I have been to the Geohot site. I have not bothered to mod my PS3. I am absolutely certain that the courts will not allow Sony to do a shakedown of everyone who has visited a blog site, or watched a Youtube video. Talk about crippling the flow of information and free speech. Civil rights lawyers will eat this one up- and make it far more difficult for other corps to do this sort of thing.

    It will also act as another challenge against the overly broad DMCA.

    Have I mentioned that I will NEVER purchase another item from Sony? In my book, they just keep digging their own grave. Prick fucks!!!

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    I wouldn't give it any time before:


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    They want this info to keep the case in CA vs going to NJ where geohot is. CA laws are much better for them. I was sued over the DMCA and they tried to keep the case in CA, but they failed and were going to have to come to my state (they gave up at that point). If he can get it out of CA that would be a very good start, his hosting providers location might even be an option, about anything but CA..

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    What bullshit. They are going way too far on this. You don't see Nintendo acting like such douchebags over their consoles, and people have been able to run homebrew and play downloaded commercial games on both the DS and Wii for years now. And it's now known that you can do the same on the 3DS(who Nintendo claimed was unhackable), and you don't see them going to the lengths that Sony is to stop it.

    There's only a select few games on the ps3 that I'm interested in. And I'm not sure it's worth it anymore to buy a console from these guys just to play those few games.

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    I understand Sony needs this information to prove where the file was downloaded and how many times. I am pretty sure that those companies can create such a report for Sony without having to include IP adresses, real adresses and/or usernames.

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    Sony are being total pricks over this. To expect total control over their hardware, after we have bought it, is disgraceful. After all, they cannot tell us what to watch on a Sony TV, so why dictate how we use our PS3s.

    Could you imagine if Ford or General Motors started suing motorists for modifying their cars from original spec. Also, what happens in 5 or 10 years time, when we are on PS4 or PS5. Would jailbreaking a PS3 still be a crime?

    And why is it a crime? Why can I not circumvent a measure that limits my use of my equipment? Why is MY equipment governed by someone else?

    If I buy a PS3, I should be able to do with it what I want, when I want, and how I want to. If someone offers a way to alter the PS3, it should be my choice whether to implement it or not. The most that SONY should be able to do is to void the waranty should I use such a circumvention, not sue me for tampering with something that I have legally purchased.

    Remember that when we buy a PS3, we buy a PS3, and not a license to use a PS3. The PS3 belongs to the consumer, and if you want to throw it out of the window, smash it with a sledgehammer, drive over it with your 4X4, or jailbreak it with some freely available software, why can't you?

    In my mind, SONY, using their weight, are bullying the consumer in to doing what they want, rather than what we want. This reminds me of the time SONY decided, without our knowledge, to install rootkits on our PCs.

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