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Thread: virgin media Uk usenet access questions?

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    my friend just moved to england.

    she is completely stupid as hell so i can't really have her help me help her set her up.

    does anyone know retention and whatever else for

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    Apparently, it's either 7 or 120 days of retention with a maximum of 5 connections. That's what I found on Google, but those posts were from 2008.

    You could ask them via e-mail, that should clear all doubts.
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    that's all i could find too, i was hoping someone who actually had it would reply.

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    I'd say to try over on (Virgin's own support forum) but from what I remember about a six months ago when I helped someone else set theirs up the speed was good but the completion poor. I've been an annual AstraWeb subscriber for about four years now and Virgin is my ISP

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    they have a highwinds backend, completion can't be that bad. i mean yeah bad but not isp run server bad.

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    Retention is 7 days. It doesn't support SSL. No username or password needed, just use as the server and connect.

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    I am pretty sure they dont support binaries either you only get text groups now, but i havnt used it in years since i signed up for astraweb.
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    thanks for the info mighty =]

    stoi they definitely have all the binaries i just wasn't sure about retention.

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    1,038 traces to Highwinds' Amsterdam usenet server.

    Although I have no personal experience with Highwinds ISP-spec. Amsterdam server , I know that with some American ISPs that use Highwinds, the header retention [depending on group] is only around a week or so (has been for many years) but the article body/NZB retention was somewhere around 100 days the last time I checked. (Also, bandwidth can be expected to be throttled to 512K or 1Mbit [depending on plan], but not consistently: sometimes the door is left wide open.) Overall, I consider it very good for a free ISP usenet service, and even better when you add a block account.

    BTW, Highwinds ISP-spec usenet service has always included binaries (even all those groups with disgusting names) but I suppose an ISP could request a censored subset or text-only groups if they really wanted.


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