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Thread: Article: Sony PSP is Now Available for $129.99, New Greatest Hits Arrive

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    ahhh, the good ole PSP... something that shoulda been on sale a long time ago and THIS sale shoulda made this little awesome handheld $99.99 imo. the PSP is a great little piece of hardware that i'm very glad i bought. while i also love my DS the PSP's quality is that much more enjoyable. once this joker hits below the $100 mark it might be a GREAT purchase for everyone that likes games on the go (minus all u home brew kids).

    we'll have to wait and see if sony makes ALL if not most of the "good" games on UMD downloadable for the PSP2 or phone for that matter. if so then most could prob just skip on this thing, but if not it posses a good purchase for many good games.

    as for the greatest hits i'll prob grab MGS. all the others i either have to don't want.


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