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Thread: 4shared doesnt work for me, please help me get this file

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    Can someone with relatively good connection please download this 27MB 'rar file from and re-upload it to

    Please guys, my download works only for mediafire, the file has nothing to do with piracy or cracked applications, its just a collection of wordpress themes. heres the 4shared link

    Thank you

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    Mediafire's uploader dosent work very well, I can give it a try at MU if you want so, resume will be supported...............

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    Ok please!! Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatcdfan View Post
    Mediafire's uploader dosent work very well
    It sucks, but that's why they invented this program called "File & Image Uploader".

    Weevle, I have reuploaded the file for you, here's the link:
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    Whoa! thanks a bunch man

    Really appreciate it!


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