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    Hello every one !!
    Back in time {3 or 4 years ago} if some one requested this site is like a boy dream of a million dollar !!!

    I don't know if this could be possible now as I've tried to get any invite ages ago.

    I'm huge trance buff and I would really use this invite to be such an active and decent member !!!

    here is some proves :

    I'm ready for more proves and I really hope to get my invite

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    Quote Originally Posted by thrap View Post
    I'm huge trance buff
    If you want to have a chance, prove that.
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    Id provide a bit more info if i was you,...

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    Okey for start while I'm writing this replay Above & beyond in concert here in my country and the stage fall down I don't know how buy my freind there and they just called me ^^.

    I love Armin van buuren so much I attended his concert live in Lebanon in 2/4 and I listen to his state of trance very staerday live on mix fm .

    I love trance and electronice stuff such like ATB,David Guetta , tiesto .
    house music like benny benassi .
    funktornic like Yellow .
    and much more I don't want you to get bored reading my post ^^.

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    Indeed Trancetraffic has great content (Torrents 126531 on stats).. but come on.. ATB,David Guetta , tiesto you can find them anywhere from youtube to tranceroute to

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    TranceRoute Is fare more easy to get to, If your only looking for Armin, Tiesto and so on.
    Your request is a shot In the dark, at most.


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