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    i m packston, i m new here,
    this is very informatic and helpful forum, thank to my friend how refer me this forum


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    Welcome To fst packston15 , but your thread is in the wrong section

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    No it's not or maybe you were just confused because you only bothered to post here 14 times in the last four years.
    It's all Meg's fault.

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    No I'm confused, why start a thread about yourself? If I'm not wrong, then you're not Oleg.
    Also stupid bullshit, "hi this is me and I am now in this forum" posts go --->here<--- do they not?

    edit: I'm not saying you shouldn't post hello, I'm just saying it's a post lacking merit by default in my opinion. I don't usually greet and introduce myself to people for the sake of socialization in RL either.
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    I had a slight suspicion it was (a recently neutered) J-Dye post.
    Quote Originally Posted by IdolEyes787 View Post
    As you are an annoying asshole with serious mental problems and no redeeming qualities I would say that it's totally understandable.


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