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Thread: Article: Report: Piracy a "global pricing problem" with only one solution

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    Piracy is a “signal of unmet consumer demand.”- nicely said

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    Alot of games I download I buy when I see them on offer if I enjoyed them so I'd agree with there being a price problem. They sell stuff on and old structure of making you want it through advertisement then making really expensive at the start. Most people are almost forced to want it then can't are unable to afford it at the initial cost.
    My 2 cents there anyway lol

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    For consoles at least, the industry is utterly retarded, sell it cheap then pay massive amounts for a game to recoup. NO... id rather pat a bit more for my hardware then buy my games cheaper. look at it this way, after 6~8 games you have already re bought the hardware.

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    Next, come to Brazil, you'll be surprised just how right you are. Prices here are the most outrageous anywhere.

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    It's not the price it's the fact that its the one way to get back at just some of the corporations that have way too much power and too many rights. They're a way for the ultra rich to do whatever they want then when there's a lawsuit its not the majority stockholders accountable its the "corporation". Clearly my issue is with capitalism... carry on...


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