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Thread: WhatMan Leaves What.CD

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    Three years, four months, and twenty days 1 hour and 50 mins ago
    ...Is a long time on the Internet. In that time, I've watched this site grow from a tiny tbsource site, buckling under the load of a few dozen users. to its current form - a record-breaking Internet juggernaut with over a million torrents. I've been with this site as it's moved country due to copyright threats, thwarted database crashes and hacking attempts, developed two cutting-edge codebases from scratch, hosted thousands of independent releases from artists worldwide, and passsed milestone after milestone, carving its way into BitTorrent fame. It's been one of the greatest experiences of my life, to not just watch this development as a passive observer, but to play a central role in it.

    Unfortunately, times change. I've always been willing to give all of my free time to this site, but as of several months ago, free time has become a luxury of the past. The less time I spend here, the less qualified I am to decide the future of the site and lead it in that direction. In these past few months, these duties have been impeccably overtaken by the current management, and I feel entirely comfortable leaving the site in their more than capable hands. It is thus, with great regret, that I have chosen to resign from my long-standing post as sysop of this site.

    To all the current and ex-staff: Even though we've occasionally differed in opinion, you guys are some of the nicest and most intelligent people I've ever had the good fortune to meet and work with. I'll miss all of you.

    To the users: From the casual downloaders to the hardcore rippers and uploaders, this place is an ecosystem that needs all of you to survive. We couldn't have gotten anywhere without you.

    To anyone I've ever insulted, hurt, or ignored (I hope there aren't too many of you): I extend my deepest apologies. I've always tried to maintain a level head, but I'd be lying if I said that the stress, responsibility, conflicting requests from different camps, and huge volume of PMs didn't get to me at times.

    I'd love to write more, but this has been hard enough already. If nothing else, I guess, I'd like to be remembered as the badass who coded ocelot.

    It's been a hell of a ride, What. I know you'll do fine without me.

    He certainly changed the way we share music.
    Much respect for the hard work he put into, gazelle and ocelot.

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    Mad respect for what he was able to help create.

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    I have no words to describe what he's done for music sharing, the bittorrent community, and the site itself. Mad props to him. <3
    Quote Originally Posted by whatcdfan View Post
    u are somewhat fairer then the last occasions but still pal i give a damn to what u said and expect i really dont need anything from u or optimuscrime i get what i want coz u 2 guyes dont own bittorrent and i dont think i portrayed any image i wrote simple english and u are seems to be very good at making assumptions if someone is not a cheater and u assume he's a cheater and write what u wrote and when u are proven wrong who u think will owe an apology then barack obama????

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    His work will hopefully continue to live on for ages to come. A great achievement that deserves respect and gratitude.

    Long live What, long live bittorrent!

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    An innovator who built the worlds largest music archive. Internet Legend. :respect:

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    So...did he just have a baby, or?....

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    no whatman = end of

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    One word - respect.

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    It's sad to hear that hwatman is leaving

    But it also true that real life have more priority than digital life.
    Best of luck to him in his 'real life'.
    Teh n00b.

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