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Thread: Halo Keygen And Cd Copying

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    Is a halo keygen released yet? I have a retail copy and I want to play lan but it wont let me use the same cd-key on a server.

    I have some games that I'm borrowing and from past experiences I know that copying a game cd with nero will result in it not running. How can I copy a game cd the best and proper way? Thanks.

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    if you wanna play online just buy the game...

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    SERIOUSLY! I HAVE THE RETAIL VERSION! I payed 35 for it! (then took it back and kept the cd-key ) But i want to play lan and can't use the same cd-key, is there a patch that lets me make a cracked server or something?

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    you need 2 keys for lan game ? DAMN

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    wen i downloaded i tried insalling it and it said enter the cd key so on sum mirc chat i asked if there is a keygen and the guy said just type in sum numbers. AND GUESS WUT! IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    bump. Any keygens or hacked server patches? help with copying cds please???????


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