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Thread: Speed is capped newsgroup direct 100kb/s???

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    Anyone have this problem. I am on an unlimited plan. But all of a sudden my speed is stuck at 100kb/s.

    My connection is 15MB and I can stll get full speed from torrents so its not me.

    Anyone know if they limit your speed if you download too much. I hope this is just an error or I will have to leave.

    Opened a support ticket but thought maybe someone here had noticed this before.

    Tried all the servers, 50 connections. With 50 I can get 200kb/s. Also tried a different reader, wtf this sucks. I guess I just wait until they get back to me.
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    Well they are highwinds and I think they are related to newsdemon so i it would not surprise me! I think newsdemon also caps.... the million dolar question is how much did you download in this billing period? 200 or 250 gigabytes?

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    Idk how their usage works. But my total was a little over 1tb. But I don't think that was in 1 month. I had been downloading a lot of blu rays. The support got back to me, had me do a trace route and show them the details.

    They said it looks good and their system is fine. So there is nothing they could do about the speeds. So I canceled and was up and running on Astra in about 5 minutes. So long

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    Does your ISP offer the service? If they do it's more likely a DNS CNAME pointed to the appropriate server for whatever provider they're using. Reasons for slow speeds are congestion on Astrawebs end (server/network) or RIM congestions.

    BTW, have you reset your modem?
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    Yah I did reset the modem. It just happened out of the blue. Oh well all is good again back with astra. A few bucks more as I had a black friday deal but no matter. I seemed to be getting a decent amount of incompletes. I'm hoping they will go down with astra.


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