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Thread: newsgroups on a feralhosting neon

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    possible? i don't suppose there's a tutorial somewhere?

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    If you have SSH access, which is apparently the case, you could install and run a Usenet client, for example SABnzbd (which is controllable via a Web UI).
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    you could install sabnzbd,all you need is some python modules to be enabled by them
    i know it works,cuz i used sabnzbd on feral before

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    Hi there. I am having horrible trouble getting SABnzbd working on Feral hosting's servers. I have followed the instructions verbatim in Feral's FAQ section but have NOT been able to get it to work!:
    A. I am using Putty to logon to the server to run the commands in the FAQ.
    B. The confusing part of the instructions is that if I change the listening port in Step 6 to 3894, what (if anything) do I need to change in Step 4 for the port forwarding?
    C. In the SABnzbd interface in my browser, what do I put for:
    1. Host - is that or is it just
    2. Port - is this still 8080, my new listening port of 3894 or is it 22 since that's the SSH port on Feral's servers?
    D. I have port 3894 forwarded on my router and I've disconnected my firewall in Windows 7 to make sure nothing was causing conflict but I still can't get SABnzbd to send a proper Test.

    PLEASE help!


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