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Thread: Tracking A Movie Down

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    Has anyone ever had any success tracking a rare movie down? How about one that was vhs and never made on dvd? What are some suggestions?

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    I usually scour used media stores and flea markets. You'd be surprised at what you can find at those kinds of places. Or if the movie isn't popular in the states I check on websites like amazon dot for movies that I liked.
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    he's talking about downloading I'm sure, try emule for the rare movies

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    I have emule, but I don't know how to use it. I've started it once, but my downloads just sat there. So far I've only had success with kazaalite. Why do you suggest emule? Isn't kazaalite just as good?

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    not for the truley rare stuff, if it was on kazza it wouldn't be rare

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    What chance to you suppose I have? Have you ever had any lucky finding exactly what you were looking for?

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    all the time, whats the movie your looking for?

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    If you use eMule, try

    Hint: you can filter out a lot of small files by entering a minimum filesize (i.e. 600 m).

    However, it takes too long to convert VHS movies to mpg or avi, unless it's a very popular movie.

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    The movies I'm trying find are two adult videos o . I've posted requesting this AV, but I guess nobody has it. If you read my other post they say what they are. Is there a site for verified porn on fasttrack network? I know about already.


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