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Thread: Fake Files

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    I downloaded Mortal kombat the other day and it turned out to be freddie the fish! And there was many sources for this file. Why is it that when they is a fake file peeps dont not erase or rename them??
    Or is there sum f**ked up peeps that enjoy doing this out there.
    Keep it real!!!

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    Are you saying you don't like freddie the fish? I always enjoy surprizes.
    It's not like it cost you anything Don't have a stroke over it now.

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    there just wasting our's and thier own bandwidth

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    fucking smurfland y'idjit
    Best thing to do, if you have the space, is leave it alone where it is, but change the details in kazaa to reflect what it actually is. I've done this in the past and even sent messages to people downloading them off me because they haven't expanded the sources list in the search window.
    if your font size is this small i'll add you to my ignore list because you're wasting my time, OK?

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    yeah that really pisses me off. some sad tosser must like renaming files to different names


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