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Thread: PAT - ProAudioTorrents - Id it dead?

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    Hy guys,

    any news on the proaudiotorrents tracker, it is offline for about 2 weeks now, any chance on getting back online or should i remove it from my bookmarks?

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    Hello Folks,

    The downtime was because of the hosting company,they've had multiple failures on the servers at the datacenter where they also host PAT so they've had to move all the servers to a new datacenter which has caused the downtime and it was unexpected by us and by the host also so we did not get any notifications otherwise we'd have told you about it prior to downtime but this was also an unexpected thing for the host as they've mentioned to us, it seems like its been sorted out now and we should be back to normal now though it may take some time for the nameservers to update in some countries,patience is the key here,we do apologise about the downtime but it was basically out of our control this time yet we've still did our best to bring PAT back up asap.

    If you notice anything not working just let the staff know and we'll do our best to look into it,cheers.

    People in various countrys are still having problems getting to the site but it is up for me at this moment in time

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    Hey ya for me I can only log in at certain times, like a 2 hour window. I briefly saw on my PMs that I had to do all this stuff to fix the problem, but my internet browser froze up and forced quit itself. So i dont know what I have to do. And I havent been able to log in for couple days, so I was wondering if someone could hook me up with the directions or email them to me or something. I wish PAT would email me, cuz how am I suppose to see the instructions if I cant log on u know?
    Thanks ya'll


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