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Thread: Open source forum platforms

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    What y'all recommend? Don't want to pirate and want to do it freely.

    Thinking about going down the phpBB path .
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    Quote Originally Posted by iLOVENZB View Post
    Thinking about going down the phpBB path .
    phpBB 3.x's moderation system sucks, or at least that's my experience. You can't do more than one Mod action at the same time without them failing.

    A friend told me about fluxBB, that one looks better, but I haven't tried it (whereas I've moderated a phpBB forum for 4 years now).
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    And what about the Elah one? Haven't tried it so far, but it has good reviews.
    My past mod experiences were on IPB boards, but they are not free unfortunately.
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    I'd say go with phpBB, yeah. I've used it before and while the modifications have been a pain in the ass to manage, the rest worked flawlessly.

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    Have you tried SMF?

    People say it's safer than phpBB... Little bit more complicated, but i think it's better than phpBB.

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    FluxBB is great and stuff if you don't need a PM system.

    MyBB is also free and open source. (and not mentioned yet).

    The truth is that vbulletin is superior to the open source forum platforms server resource/user usability-wise.


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