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Thread: A ps3 game disc

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    I am curious to know what is the structure of a ps3 game disc. What type of files it includes and how big they are. A PS3 won't allow me to see any files on a game disc; it will simply allow me to play a game. And my firmware is 3.60, which means I won't be able to jailbreak my ps3 (and I don't want to). I am not sure if this thread belongs to the hardware or software section of the forums because a ps3 game disc is a piece of hardware; however, the game it includes is software. All I know is that a ps3 game disc is a blu-ray, but doesn't tell me anything about the type of files such a disc includes or how big they are often are. (except for one web page that google found for me, but little info was included there). The good thing about PC games is that you are able to see what kind of files pc game discs include when you put a pc game disc into your pc; however, obviously, my pc won't read my ps3 game disc. So, give me please some knowledge about the structure of a ps3 game disc.

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    It's a disc image file just like any other pc or xbox game, filled with the game engine, textures, etc. At least I'd presume so, I can't imagine it being otherwise.
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    There are multiple iso's stored for archiving purposes for the ps3. I would advise extracting one of the iso's and look at the inter contents of the disk.

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    well thats the same information I am searching for. what kind of files format does blu-ray contain? can any body know about it so please guide me

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    Quote Originally Posted by OlegL View Post
    about the type of files such a disc includes or how big they are often are
    Type does not really matter, its basicly a huge bulk code written in a C variants.

    If you want to learn about what is in a ps disk(which is pretty pointless, you will find nothing but compiled code), as suggested by TV , find a ps3 game disk iso and extract it.
    I advise you look into home-brew ps3 games and sites for more detailed technical info.


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