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Thread: What's your Peacekeeper benchmark?

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    Peacekeeper is a BROWSER benchmark that in a way shows how slow or fast the browsers we use are.

    No need to download anything. It will stream in the browser. The benchmark takes about 5 mins.

    Peacekeeper Benchmark

    I've been a loyal Firefox user for quite some time, but Chrome seems to be winning me over due to how fast it is over FF (recently installed Opera and haven't used it much). Yes, Firefox may have thousands of extensions, but I barely use any of them (currently one).

    My scores for these 3 browsers are as follows:

    1. Opera 11.10 = 10,118

    2. Chrome 12.0.742 = 10,049

    3. Internet Explorer 9 = 6,334

    4. Firefox 5.0 = 5654

    4. Firefox 4.0.1 = 4532

    While using the benchmark don't touch the browser window, have only 1 tab open (the benchmark) and have only 1 browser open.
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    But I had 2 tabs open!


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