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Thread: Article: Windows 8 Explorer to feature Ribbon UI, SkyDrive and Mesh integration?

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    I could be speaking too soon but I can't see how the UI in Win 7 can be beaten. Integrating lots of things won't make it better IMO

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    I was reading a bit more about windows 8 and the only true improvement seems to be some sort of built in sandbox. I already own sandboxie and just about any respectable a/v comes with one now.

    They also have some kind of visual enhancement where a application can take over and hide more of the windows UI. I think they called it immersion but really whats the point and how is that any different than the full screen button on any other application? Then you have the skydrive integration which I'm sure they will offer more free space to entice purchases of windows 8. I would prefer something that is more cross platform so I have no interest in using microsoft for cloud storage.
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