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Thread: Article: Why SSD's won't replace disks

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    This is a stupid article.
    Flash can never replace hard drives because we don't currently produce enough to do so?

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    Fix title to "Why SSDs won't replace disks by next quarter"

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    just like everything else in computers when new technology comes out, SSDs are too expesive right now, give it another couple of years and it will be the norm .... they are MUCH faster, cooler and use less power than regular hard drives, as soon as morse law takes effect and SSDs become more affordable IDEs and SATAs will be history.

    Just like Floopys, Newspaper and soon CDs

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    This article doesn't take into account that technologies are constantly improving, it seems like it was written by someone who is clueless. Maybe SSD's can't compete size wise yet, but give them sometime to develop. I think the trend is going to be everyone is going to have a mix, some SSD and some HDD.

    Wouldn't it be nice to fully utilize SATA-6?

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    I love floppy discs, I get them whenever I can, they look so cool when they explode from being shot with an air rifle lmao.

    I'd love an SSD drive but until they get cheaper they'll just be a dream for me....

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    i remember installing win95 from like 20 floppy disks and thinking it was soo kewwwwl

    stupid 1.5mb pieces of crap

    I cant wait for SSDs to drop in price so i can run them in RAID5


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