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Thread: Burning Iso's From Torrents

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    I downloaded a program from bittorrent, and when I looked into the folder for the .cue and .bin all i find are files with number extentions such as flt-rok1.001, flt-rok1.002, all the way up to 50, then there is an sfv file. Is there away to get the cue and bin out of these? Thanks

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    yes, right click on the *.001 file or *.000 file and select "extract here"

    u'll get it

    if you wanna check if the rar files are corrupt , dl smartpar to check the individual files, that's what the sfv file is for, also if you see .par files or .par2 files that are to be used with smartpar and quickpar to repair files

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    extract??? I don't have that option, do I need a certain program? I'm using winrar.

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    NVM dumb mistake, got it working now thx


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