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Thread: 752 Mb Bin Wont Burn

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    How do I burn a 752 mb file on a 700 mb cd?? Is it possible?

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    get urself a 730MB cd-r and enable "overburn" in ur burning software

    it may or maynot work

    try it out

    get the highest quality and capacity of cd-r u can get

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    You could try to convert the .bin into an iso by using Bin2Iso (available at
    If you're lucky the iso will be smaller as the .bin and will fit on a regular cdr.
    Try it. You've got nothing to lose.
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    Extract it with WinIso 5.3 then burn...or convert it with this program like the above post says

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    or mount the bin first then burn

    the size would be a lot smaller

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    the last kvcd I made was over 820mb and fits on normale cdr
    no need to convert jack shit to a iso, just burn it, why is there so much mis-info about burning bins


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